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Jenny Marra MSP

Member of the Scottish Parliament for North East Scotland


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Office 5/2, Whitehall House, 33 Yeaman Shore, Dundee, DD1 4BJ

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SNP saves Stirling but fails Dundee

15th January 2014 - Commenting on the news that Stirling’s Remploy jobs are to be saved with a contract to make nurses’ uniforms for NHS Scotland, Jenny Marra MSP said:


“The idea that nurses’, police and fire uniforms would save the Remploy factories was a Dundee idea to save the Dundee factory. The SNP have made this happen for Stirling, but they have by-passed and betrayed the workers in Dundee.


“I lobbied the Scottish Government to make these contracts available to Remploy in Dundee and I was told by the SNP that it wasn’t possible. The high levels of skills and experience at the Dundee factory was second to none. The factory was even making police and fire uniforms for the London fire service, but when I asked Shona Robison and Joe Fitzpatrick to vote to bring fire fighters uniform making to Scotland, they voted against it in Parliament.


“Lord Provost Bob Duncan said it was impossible to consider the Dundee and Stirling factories individually but this is exactly what Stirling has done. It is now clear that the SNP’s reasons were just excuses. The SNP have better served the Remploy workers of Stirling than Dundee. I want to know why this is.


“This is great news for the workers in Stirling, but why can’t the SNP do the same for Dundee?


“Dundee SNP could still establish a sheltered workplace in Dundee at the stroke of a pen by awarding the contract to make police and fire uniforms in the City. I would like to know if Joe Fitzpatrick and Shona Robison will follow the Stirling example and make this happen for Dundee, and if not, why not.”